What Will They Be For Halloween?

Halloween is right around the corner. What should our favorite Packers players be dressing up as this Halloween? Here are some zany suggestions from The Cheese NFL Humor.

First and foremost, our fearless leader. We think it is tomobvious that Aaron Rodgers has to dress up as Tom Wigglesworth this Halloween…”Trick or Treat!”

Everybody will say, “For a second there…I thought you were Aaron Rodgers!”



Considering his propensity for ketchup, Randall Cobb cobb hotdog

should dress up as a hot dog for Halloween. And not just because when he catches passes, defenders can’t ketchup *insert groan*. But it’s cool, Packers fans can’t wait to see him hot doggin’ out on the field again in a week!



claybeardAnd last but not least…how about Clay Matthews? Well…with the beard…we think this one is a no-brainer…





I mean, with a little trim and some armor, these two could be brothers, and we all know they BOTH can drop the hammer!

Well, here’s to all the Packers players out there. Get healthy and enjoy your week. And to all the little Packers Trick or Treaters, be safe and have a Happy Halloween!

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Pivotal Play: Eric Weddle Called for Illegally Picking Off Peyton Manning


In a pivotal moment during the Broncos Chargers game, Eric Weddle made a crucial error. Downweddle 28-14 with just under 14 minutes to go in the forth quarter, the San Diego Chargers needed a big play if they were going to have a shot at beating the Peyton Manning led Broncos. But with first and goal on the three yard line, Weddle made his error, intercepting Peyton Manning with a one handed grab and drawing and “illegal interception of Peyton Manning in the endzone” penalty.

“It’ was just instincts,” said Weddle after the game “I should have known better but as I crossed over the ball came out and I put one hand up…and it stuck. Would have been a great play against any other quarterback but I should have been thinking that it was Peyton throwing the ball, that’s on me, I should have just knocked it down and avoided the penalty.” Continue reading

Competition Committee Contemplates Changing Ban from “Excessive Celebrations” to Just “Celebrations”

New York

The NFL competition committee is contemplating ending celebrations in the NFL. This jaredafter seeing NFL celebrations of the last couple years.

“We have been reviewing the tapes and are considering revising the rule to not just ban “excessive” celebrations, but celebrations altogether, said Mel Cribley, head of the NFLCC. “Fans can consider themselves fortunate that they only have to endure one at a time.”

The following is a cut of the tape that is under review.

WARNING! What you are about to see is disturbing and the only thing worse than the celebrations is the music. Hide the women and cover the children’s eyes!

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