Packers Dealt Loss in Jon While Triumphant Patriots suffer from Deflated Balls


deflated ballIn a crazy turn of events, the Green Bay Packers who clearly outplayed the Seattle Seahawks have been dealt a loss in the Jon (Jon Ryan) while the Patriots devastate the Colts, all the while suffering from deflated balls.

“It started as just a loose feeling in, well, my groinal area,” said Tom Brady after the game. “But by the third quarter, my athletic cup was a maraca. What is my wife gonna say?” Continue reading

Don’t Worry Dez…We Will Go Slow and Use Pictures

OK class…let’s review:

This is a nice catch…

catch 1

And she is definitely a fine catch…

catch 2


And we all know this is a catch…

catch 3


This…NOT a catch…any questions?

catch 4








catch 5



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